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Tips to Buy Plus Size Tops Obstacles that are often experienced by plus-size women are difficult to choose clothes that fit and give a slim impression on the body. Choosing the wrong type and color of clothing will only make your body look bigger and your appearance less than optimal. For those of you plus-size women who want to look skinny, here are the best things to consider if you are considering buying plus size tops! Tips to Buy Plus Size Tops Choose special style in summer Summer is better than usual for showing your personal style! You can choose some colors or patterns that you wouldn't normally try, such as large prints or bohemian patterns, which will make you look energetic. Pick other alternative colors! It's true that by using dark colors, the curves of the body will be disguised and make the body look slimmer. But, this does not mean you only use dark colored clothes. The alternative colors other than black are worth trying, like yellow, brownish orange, navy blue and brown. Combine the tops with high-waisted pants or skirts Forget about wearing super tight jeans or super short skirts. The two fashion items above will only make your body look twice as full. Instead, use pants or skirts with high waist styles to create a silhouette on the body so that it looks slimmer. Enhance your appearance by using a crop top or top with a neutral color, then pair it with a jeans jacket as an outer. Choose a dress with a waist accent. Who says plus size women can't wear dresses? Instead, by wearing a dress, your appearance will be much more beautiful, and you will look slim, of course. Only a few dresses with accents on the waist are the ones you can use, such as dresses with ribbons or using a belt. The presence of an accent on the waist will cover the stomach, thus creating a thinner impression on your body. Try to wear plus size tops with V-necklines. Besides being trendy, plus size tops with a V-neckline are perfect for you. The reason is that clothes with this type of collar are able to give the impression of being skinny. For the color, you can choose based on the colors that have been recommended above. Noracora Plus size tops are available in a variety of sizes to suit most body types, please choose the right size according to the size chart.